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Slippery Delivery

When calling At Your Service Plus on a slippery and sloppy winter morning know that At Your Service Plus is going to deliver you a portable restroom one way or the other because nobody knows better when you need a portable restroom and when you gotta go you need it now! So call At Your Service Plus for your portable sanitation needs.
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No portables were harmed in this blog.

Winterizing Portable Restrooms

Winterizing Portable Restrooms.
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November 9, 2018, by admin


What kind of care should be taken in the winter to prevent my portable restrooms from freezing up?

Anyone who has been in the portable restroom business above North America’s frost line has had to find a way to prevent liquid wastes from freezing in order to do their job. There are several different methods available. The method you use may depend on the size of your operation, the dumping requirements in your area, the number of units you served in the winter, and the average number of below freezing days you must deal with each year.

Operators in Alaska, Canada and some of the most northern parts of the US must be prepared for up to 8 months of potentially freezing weather with temperatures that can drop to -30°F or colder. Down below the Mason-Dixon Line, operators may face only a few weeks…